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Botox Port Elizabeth, Taryn Laine Clinic - Dr Mike Henry & Dr Carla van Deventer

Offering Botox ( Dysport, Botulinum Toxin) for cosmetic facial appearance improvement and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) of axillae (armpits) and face by experienced, medically aesthetically trained doctors who consistently produce amazing results. You heard one of them, Dr Mike Henry, talking on Algoa FM's "The doctor is in" on Mondays .

Dr Henry is board certified with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and a registered Allergan Botox and tissue filler injector doctor instructor and member of the Allergan Academy. (Allergan are the manufacturers of Botox).

All the before and after pictures on this site were performed by Dr. Mike Henry or Dr Carla van Deventer: they are not industry provided pics copied on hundreds of different websites woldwide.

Acheiving a better looking version of yourself

Botox  together with Tissue Filler injections, Chemical Peels and Dermarolling can put a ‘wow’ factor back into your appearance: we have seen it happen repeatedly over many years in scores of patients.

Men don't imagine for one minute that it's only the ladies doing it. Who can afford not to look calm, fresh and competent in today's bussiness environment?

Surveys all over the world show that people dont want to appear grumpy, anxious, tired or saggy; they are seeking an age appropriate good version of themselves.Neither does any one want to look 'done", or "frozen". We at Taryn Laine Clinic completely get that. Our commitment to you is the pursuit of a "natural" appearing result.

How Botox Works and is administered.

BT is virtually painlessly injected with very fine needles into target muscles or sweat gland - containing skin. It works by temporarily disconnecting them from the nerves that convey the electrical impulse instructions from the brain. The Acetyl-choline containing vesicles (packages) in the nerve endings can no longer offload this chemical link in the communication chain. The muscles are weakened or paralysed and the sweat glands no longer secrete sweat.

The effect is temporary. The nerve endings spontaneously and completely “reconnect” after approximately 4 months. This “reconnect” time varies among different individuals, ranging from 3 to 6 months or more.It tends to follow the same duration of effect after each administation; however variation even for the same person is common and does not mean that an inferior product has necessarily been used.

Importantly “reconnection” occurs after every BT administration so the effect is never permanent. This is a good thing as our faces do change over time so an initially permanent attractive effect could eventually look undesirable. In the individual patient, repeated administration can sometimes allow for lower and slightly less frequent dosing which can decrease cost.

BT use in aesthetic (cosmetic/appearance) medicine

Excessive activity of certain muscles of facial expression or sweat glands can lead to the following undesirable effects:-

  • Dynamic facial wrinkles (like Frown or Smile Lines). ” Dynamic” indicates that these wrinkles/lines /furrows appear when the muscles contract but disappear when they relax. This contraction is often subconscious so you may tend to frown even when not feeling anxious or angry. Skilled BT administration can soften or prevent such undesirable wrinkling without producing an unnatural “frozen” appearance.

          Smile and forehead lines treated with Botox       Botox to smile and forehead lines. By Dr Mike Henry.

  • Permanently imprinted wrinkles lines and furrows. Ongoing excessive muscle activity over many years can cause dynamic wrinkles to become permanently imprinted so that complete muscle relaxation can no longer make them disappear. This commonly occurs on the forehead and around the eyes and mouth. Regular Botoxing from a relatively young age can safely prevent this progression. Once it is present additional treatments, with fillers or surgery, can be added to alleviate the problem, fillind and smoothing out the problem.
  • Unattractive positions and profiles of important facial features can be corrected with Botox.  Dull drooping eyebrows, a sad or stern mouth with pulled down corners, gummy smile or flattened “popply” chin are caused by subconscious over activity of certain facial muscles of expression as we age. Skilled BT application to the culprit muscles can achieve subtle but attractive repositioning and profiling without paralyzing natural movement.

Carol Anne Kelleher, the face of TLC. Treated for last 10 years by Dr Mike henry

Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) of axillae (armpits) or face.

Hyperhidrosis results from nerve impulse traffic from the central nervous system to the sweat glands in the skin. Skilled BT injection of that skin blocks the culprit nerve endings, effectively and safely treating the problem for 6 months or more. Pain is not a problem at our Clinic; effective numbing cream is applied prior to the injections that are administered using very fine needles.The onset of effect is gradual and usually complete by 2 weeks.

Botox use in Neurology

Certain neurological conditions (like Cerebral Palsy, Spinal cord injuries, Dystonias) lead to excessive nerve stimulation of muscles that cause disabling spasticity and abnormal posturing like facial grimacing and wry neck. Botox blockade of this excessive impulse traffic allows these muscles to relax. Botox injections are a fully accepted part of modern neurological treatment but are not available at our clinic. Please consult a Specialist Neurologist who is trained and experienced in its use for these purposes.

How do I choose the right Botox Injector? Who do I Trust?

Botox is to a face what paint can be to a canvass: a skilled artist will use the paint to produce a beautiful picture – others , using the same paint, may make a mess. You need both the Botox and the Cosmetic Medical Artist to get the oil painting.

If you wouldn’t ask Michelangelo to quote you per brush stroke then don’t allow “cost per unit of Botox" or "cost per area to be injected” to be your main criterion for physician choice. Lisa may well moan in regret after having "shopped around" for the cheapest price. Our committment to you is  a superior cosmetic outcome and real value for money.

Many beginners are entering the field. It is possible to teach anyone with a medical background to inject Botox and Fillers, but to turn them into a cosmetic medical artist is an entirely different matter.

Special training at Congresses and Courses in this relatively new field of non-invasive cosmetic aesthetic medicine, years of experience and hard won reputation are the key criteria by which to gauge; before and after pics  can be the final decider.

Avoid "Botox parties" that  rely on group psychology and a carnival atmosphere to sway your decisions. It is just not possible to repeatedly deliver the best possible result you could individually get in such a chaotic, "conveyor belt", group setting. Someone is definately benefiting from it, but it wont be you.   It is good to attend talks and discussions by experienced aesthetic doctors, but rather get treated on another day in a private clinical  setting. If you feel anxious, take a friend.

Avoid rapid fire "Prick and Pay" operators who often "paint by numbers", injecting in a "one size fits all" pattern. Good technique calls for attention to individual detail, marking of injection sites in a sitting position with repeated facial animation, providing time for pain reducing techniques and free follow up visits to check the results.  

Taryn Laine Clinic is well known for attention to detail and an unhurried approach. Our commitment is to provide that to all our patients.

Our Pricipal Cosmetic aesthetic Physician, Dr. Mike Henry, has attended many congresses and courses and has administerd thousands of treatments to hundreds of patients over many years. He is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic medicine (AAAM).

Is Botox safe?

As safe as a Formula 1 racing car:  VERY SAFE if properly driven by an experienced well trained professional – an uncomfortable ride or potential disaster in the hands of the nonmedical and the novice.

Close ongoing worldwide medical scrutiny over several decades now shows Botox to be safe even when repeatedly administered to the same individual over many years. Trying Botox once or only having it very infrequently will not be detrimental.

Botox is mainstream medicine reported on in thousands of reputable International Medical Journal articles – Be reassured that it is not the stuff of “back street clinics” and don't beleive all the negative hype promoted by the medically uninformed.

Why is it called a “Toxin” ?

Many highly useful modern medicines are toxic and even lethal  if administered in the wrong doses to inappropriate patients. Examples include household medicines like Aspirin, Paracetamol and even Vitamin A. Digitoxin is a valuable heart medication that must be carefully dosed. All continue to be widely prescribed and very useful in modern medicine.The key is responsible and knowlegable prescribing.

Botulinum Toxin was first recognized as a lethal poison when ingested in massive amounts in bacterially contaminated food. It has been subsequently extracted, purified and intensively studied. When administered  to the right targets at the correct doses in an appropriate patient, BT is very safe. Incorrect administration by a poorly trained inexperienced doctor (or even worse, by someone who is not a registered qualified doctor), will predictably lead to undesirable and even dangerous effects lasting for several months.

How to Consult us.

Contact us to arrange a consultation or if you'd like to find out more about this procedure. Consultations with our beauty therapist, Athina, are free. You may also email us your facial pictures for a free feasability assessment. Only your first consultaion with one of our two doctors is charged. No further consultation fee will ever be charged. We want no barriers to you returning for touch ups and refinements. All procedures are first quoted on before being administered. We charge according to the amount of Botox used and not per area to avoid silly "numbers games" in which you the customer stand the most to lose.Should you require further add on doses (usually after two weeks), then you will need to pay separately for this; however the dosages and therefore charges are usually comparatively quite small.

Our Commitment to you is excellence, thoroughness, and great value for money so that you keep returning year after year

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